Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brailsford Wedding

August 7th, 2010
Susan and Roland

Yesterday I catered a wedding of about 150 people for Susan and Roland.  Let me start by saying Susan and her family are BY FAR my most favorite clients.  They were so laid back, left decisions up to me, and were so grateful for our services.  Her mother tipped myself and my server for working so hard and then came back later and tipped us a second time because the guests were commenting how great it was.  The bride, Susan, gave me a hug and everytime she passed by me just kept saying "thank you".  They are a great family.

When we first arrived to the catering site (which is outside) it was POURING rain.  Winds were blowing over vases, knocking off tablecloths, and it even started to hail.  We put everything inside the house's kitchen, but ultimately unless we could set up outside we were going to be behind schedule.  Originally appetizer service was going to start at 5:30pm.  The rain did not cease until close to 5:15pm.  Everything was behind schedule, tablecloths were soaked, and flower vases ruined.  The bride, groom, everyone still had a smile on their face.  They were just happy to be getting married.  They didn't care.  Honestly, this is how it should be.

Once the ceremony finally got going we began to set up.  Everything went smoothly and we served at 7:00pm.  Guests lined up to eat and came back for seconds.  This was the funnest wedding I have been to in awhile. Guests were laughing, dancing, drinking, and everyone was having a good time.  The toast was almost like "Comedy Centrals Roast".  It was hilarious.  When we left people were still partying and I have a feeilng they were going to be there all night.  My type of wedding.

I did not get a chance to take photos before the event.  This was taken after eating.  I will get more from the photographer.

The Menu
Thai Chicken Skewers with Spicy Peanut Sauce
Fruit Trays
Vegetable Trays
Fresh Spinach Salad with Red Wine Vinegrette
Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Honey BBQ
Turkey, Swiss, and Avocado Ranch Sandwiches

The cake was my FAVORITE PART.  The bride loved my "Ashley" cake design.  We changed out the colors and flowers, and I have to say I almost like this one more than the original.

The Cake
Bottom Tier - Peanut Butter with Chocolate
Middle and Top Tiers - Raspberry Lemonade

The cake had brown fondant, ivory ribbon border, ivory piping, and fall colored flowers.  These colors really went with the theme they had going outside.  Everything was brown, green, and orange.  It was gorgeous.  Especially on the setting of a horse farm.

So many guests just came up to look at the cake.  One lady asked for my card because two of her daughters are getting married this year and she wants to use me!  I have to say, this cake fits the bride's personality.  Laid back, fun, and awesome.

How much would I charge for this cake?  This cake is $400.00 and serves 150 guests.  Topsy turvy cakes are the hardest type of cake to make, therefore you have to pay top dollar for them.  Not to mention the piping detail on the sides.

Aside from the rain, hail, and heavy winds, we did have one set back.  Once the cake was assembled, the cake table began to sink in the wet ground and lean to the same side the top tier is already leaning to.  This made the top tier start to slide to the side more.  I placed two dowels in the cake to prop it up, then covered them with flowers.  While myself and my server steadied the cake, three men from the bridal party lifted the table and placed two by fours underneath.  Once done, the cake was stable again.  She held strong the rest of the night! The florist also shorted me on the flowers.  These types of cakes take LOTS OF FLOWERS.  So I had to steal pieces here and there from the centerpieces.  Daisy here, hydrangea there, but in the end, I got enough flowers to cover the cake.  Phew.  If they are not covered, all you see are the foam and supports.  Let's just say, not very pretty to see.

By far my favorite wedding.  Food, cake, and the bridal party.  Everyone was awesome, everyone loved the food, and the family was gracious. 

Happy eating!

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