Sunday, August 1, 2010


At the Utah Bridal Expo at South Towne this year I had the "Ashley" cake on display.  It's one of my favorite pieces.  It's five tiers and is just the craziest design.  I got a lot of requests for the cake from the Expo and today was the first day I did one of those cakes.  I will be doing another next week. 

These are by far my favorite types of cakes.  They are called "topsy turvy".  They are extremely difficult and not many cake decorators in Utah can successfully pull them off.  I love them.  They are like art work.  They are difficult, defy gravity, and edible to boot!

"Danni" is three-tiers of 12", 10" and 8" squares.  It serves about 154 (when cut to the traditional 1"x2" pieces).  The bottom and middle tier are chocolate cake with caramel swirl filling and cookies n' creme buttercream.  The top tier is red velvet with mint/chocolate filling and cookies n' creme buttercream.  The cake is filled with white and purple daisies, carnations and some green filler.  There is a light pink ribbon border and green vine piping detail.  You cannot see the detail at its fullest, but when I get the photos from the photographer I'll update it.

I never actually met the bride or the groom for this cake.  Just the Aunt who was ordering it.  She was a really sweet lady.  The cake making went really smooth with this one.  The only speed bump was that the Bride and Groom changed the reception time by a half hour on us and didn't tell me.  So at 5:30pm, when I'm getting ready to leave, I get a call asking where I was.  Haha.  I told them I was scheduled for a 6:00pm delivery.  So I had to rush to put this cake together, which is never good with these types of cakes.  The Aunt, however, apologized when I arrived saying that they changed the date and she realized they never told me.  So all was good.

July 31, 2010
I tried to get a better photo, but there were too many guests and the photographer in my way.  I will get the professional photos soon and update then.

The guests absolutely loved it.  Hopefully I can get more referrals and orders off this cake.  They had about 100 people there when I left.

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