Thursday, August 5, 2010


At the Utah Bridal Expo this year I gave away a free wedding cake.  The winner was named Emily.  Basically she won a four-tier cake with a credit of a said amount to decorate those four-tiers.

Emily was a very sweet girl.  She kept saying "thank you" even though she won the cake through a drawing.  She was very appreciative and even paid for a tasting.  She would call and state she couldn't wait to see her cake and never gave off that she was anything more than grateful.  She was so thankful she won a free cake and so was her family.  It was nice to have a bride that was thankful and not acting as though she deserved the works.

For this cake I would normally charge $375.00 and no that doesn't include flowers.

The cake was four tiers.  The top and third tier being one inch shorter (called off-set's a new fad).  Her wedding theme was very elegant.  So we elected to do white fondant with a simple ribbon border, then white vine piping on the second and bottom tiers.  The flowers were provided by Heritage Gardens (her reception site...which by the way...I love this place).  I arranged them on the cake and table. 

Cake Flavors
Bottom Tier: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Buttercream
Third Tier: Chocolate/Vanilla Marble with Chocolate Buttercream
Second and Top Tiers: Coconut Cake with Coconut Buttercream

The Bride arrived and herself and the groom constantly said thank you.  Guests were coming up and saying the cake was gorgeous and when they found out she won the cake they were even more in awe.  I set business cards behind the cake and was told by the Hostess at Heritage Gardens that they were gone within an hour.

I received a call the Monday after the wedding from the brides father.  He stated that the cake was absolutely gorgeous and he and everyone were in awe that it was a free cake.  He stated that people came up to them int he line and discussed how gorgeous it was.  That it tasted amazing.  He also wanted my address to mail me a a bonus because they were so appreciative.  I told him it was ok because she won the cake, but he insisted.  He also said that when their next daughter gets married there will be no doubt they are coming to me for a wedding cake.'s so nice when people appreciate your work.  Seriously, this family and the bride really were so great.  They were so appreciative and more so understood the hard work in a cake.

Just goes to show that not everyone out there in this world are ungrateful or do not understand the hard work that goes into a wedding cake.  I must say that this family was by far my favorite family to deal with.

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